ISOLA winebar - what ISOLA wants to bring about



ISOLA winebar - what ISOLA wants to bring about


1. Offer magical comforting time & space

 Wine does not exist alone, but its characteristics change slightly & seamlessly depending on each person, his/her background, emotion, sensibility & sensitivity, surrounding people to talk with, places & scenes, internal landscape of tasters, pairing food & cuisine, interior & decor, conversation content, and passage of time. ..  Isola is aiming to "be a catalytic trigger for a slightly pleasant moment" in yourself.




2. Inherit and transmit indigenous cultural power of wine

Many of our customers prefer a "snack bar like" casual talk or everyday quotidian conversation. However, I would like ISOLA winebar to be a crossing point for all wine lovers in miraculously attractive diverse universe of wine world (mondovino) exchanging ideas on wine's historical, poly-cultural, cross-generational, reproductive power given by mother nature and presumably by Bacchus.




3. Rediscover a proper nature to regain a "game changer" persona in yourself

Some want to say bad things about his/her boss among our customers and some worry about his/her romance and various small things. All customers are welcome to ISOLA but ISOLA believes wine has such a tremendous power as enabling you to turn around your perspectives by 180 degrees getting convinced that "Life is worth living and should never be thrown away, and it can be restored at any time" when you are truly feeling down in the worst period of your life.  Wine can be a catalyst to regain a game changer persona in & for yourself





1. Offer magical comforting time & space

2. Inherit and transmit indigenous cultural power of wine

3. Rediscover a proper nature to regain a "game changer" persona in yourself