Wine - Art - Music Trilogy

  • Prior to the opening of ISOLA winebar, Amanissimo (ISOLA master) believed that there certainly is an Inseparable affinity between wine, art and music - namely Jazz, Bossanova and Pop music...  Since the opening in September 2016, ISOLA has been organising more than 30 collaboration events featuring talented painters, musicians, artists (jazz, classical, Indian herpe, guitar, violin, Singer songwriter, blue-eyed "Rakugo-ka" meaning in Japanese traditional storytelling artist), etc.
  • In each event we tried to create a sense of community with conviviality, diversity, liberty, unity & individuality and most importantly "generosity" of not least importance. In the era of chauvinistic populist idea & demagogy spreading out all over the world, ISOLA believes that the very sense of the glocal (global & local) community like ISOLA deeply rooted & ingrained with the concept 'wine-art-music trilogy' will become all the more important and worth living in post-corona era.

Wine tasting event

  • ISOLA Importer's Night


Art collaboration event

  • ISOLA Solo exhibition


Music collaboration event

  • ISOLA music live