ISOLA Master's monologue

Favourite music

2 September 2019

ISOLA master’s monologue vol. 1

- my favourite music


When I was a 17 year-old teenager, my only concern & interest was how popular I could be among the girls... That is why I took my guitar and started playing CS&N and CSN&Y who were very ‘trendy’ in early 70’s. (I still love ‘After gold rush’ by Neil Young and Graham Nash’s first solo album which I still think his best.)


Anyway time passed so quickly and we are now living in 2010’s.... I must confess that I often listen to Areana Grande and am in love with Camila Cabello. Camila’s husky lingering Latin voice is my night cap tequila. I really want to go to her concert to see her singing in front of me! She has never been in Japan, has she?


So many great artists are to be reproduced and reincarnated, generation after generation. So no need to worry, I just enjoy my favourite music and enjoy your favourite just like your favourite wine.


Cheers & kampai to you and good night.


Isola master


Femme Fatale (woman of destiny

19 September 2019


SOLA master’s monologue vol. 2

- femme fatale

(woman of destiny)


What is the definition of a woman of destiny? If there is someone who can come up with the right answer, just tell it to me. I have been thinking about it for a long time and have reached a following conclusion - “The one” by Elton John.


In order to encounter a woman of destiny, you need to get in touch with the right time, space and mindset. You may need some illusion or fancy wild horses or collision of souls but the incredible thing is it happens all of a sudden without your control. That was my case... I thank my God to have given me the opportunity. “The one” is the essential part of my life. Elton is genius in having been able to snapshot that moment. Miraculous song. Thanks to Elton John and his partner. Worth listening.




Isola master


Sex or friendship?

13 September 2019 · monologue vol. 3

- sex or friendship?


I know that women and men are essentially different in that they feel ‘orgasms’. No essential difference? Yes & no.... If men couldn’t do it utterly due to too much drink, women do not care about it, but men would take it seriously to their regrets or revenge. In that respect, men are much more subtle beings than women as they want to satisfy their counterparts as they could ever do in their own horizon of relationship.


I have to come back to the main point of subject, sorry. Sex or friendship? Both are essential in living our daily life but sex would be cruel as there is no account for it and good looking handsome men & women are always positioned in the centre of the world and sexy bodies are in the centre of meat market which is unfortunately is the reality everywhere in this world.


So shape up your body and look for a new encounter is not my conclusion. Rather shape up your mind and wait for an encounter with a handsome mind is my conclusion.




Isola master


4 October 2019

ISOLA master’s monologue vol. 4

- chauvinism or showbiz?


Two of my good Korean customers have completely stopped dropping by my wine bar, ISOLA. Why? I just wondered many times one of these days. Koreans and Japanese have certainly a long standing historical ‘love & hate’ relationship. I personally do not think it is a ‘hate & hate’ relationship.


In fact there are many Japanese Koreans who have been extremely successful in ‘showbiz’ in Japan. Japanese are seemingly in most cases brought up to attenuate or control ‘emotional expression’ in the childhood to keep harmony with others whereas Koreans seem to be quite good at learning how to express their emotion as lively as possible to gain sympathy & empathy from others, which, I think, is a key ingredient for the success in ‘showbiz’ in general.


I must come back to the first point I made at the beginning. Why my Korean customers have ceased to come back here? I am almost convinced that they have been probably over-adapted to Japanese implicit rule of thumb: “not breaking the harmony”. Given the current worst situation of two countries, I feel that they must have thought “better not to interact with Japanese” even via amicable conversation on ‘wines’.


I sincerely wish that those extremely sophisticated Korean gentlemen will come back to my wine bar soon again so that we can restart a casual conversation over wines without national borders. Some say that they do not like ‘Korean things’ due to chauvinism or difference of ‘expressions’, but the difference makes showbiz and chauvinism exist paradoxically as well.


Why can’t we simply accept the difference of culture? As it is not easy to draw a conclusion, I will hand it over to the next monologue. Kampai & cheers to all who have the spirit of “no side”.



ISOLA master