ISOLA wine list - tasting at the bar or take out

ISOLA winebar has so far been organising more than 20 tasting events with various open & blind tasting formats since September 2016.  The essential points of tasting events are:

1. Share convivial moments with all participants.

2. Try to decipher cultural, historical & humanistic substance in wines.

3. Reflect upon & better understand oneself by digging into his/her internal landscape.


Consequently most of wine lovers who participated in our wine tasting events had a lot of fun and increased opportunities to communicate each other by exchanging the ideas on not only wines but the substance of their lives as well.


" In Vino Veritas" is the magical word relayed by the Romans but this is even more true to our life especially after the coronavirus pandemic saga. We cannot live alone without any contact with other livings and it is obvious that we profoundly and helplessly need "human touch" whether it be physical or virtual.  Whenever you take up a glass of wine, you look at the surface and will find yourself there.  The truth is you cannot hide yourself with wine and the wine will start telling you the truth.  Moment of truth lies in you and your beloved one.



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